I think cinema has magical power. For me, the change is due to the specific situation of the spectator: seated and available. We can exteriorize an emotion in an even greater way than on the psychoanalyst's couch, we detach ourselves from everything that surrounds us. "


Abbas Kiarostami is one of the essential figures of the Iranian New Wave. He is an interdisciplinary artist, at the same time a screenwriter, editor, artistic director, producer, and director. But he is also a poet, photographer, painter, illustrator, and graphic designer. Since the 1970s, Kiarostami has signed more than forty films, including short films, documentaries, and even dramatic films. Kiarostami is known for filming children as the protagonists of narrative-style documentaries, as well as innovations in directing. He uses contemporary Iranian poetry in the dialogues, titles, and themes of his films.