"  I live, therefore I make films. I make film, therefore I live. "


Engaged in an art freed from any form of academicism, Jonas Mekas, of Lithuanian origin, is a genius filmmaker, but he is also a poet, critic, and passer. Through his varied activities (directing, criticism, film distribution, organization of independent distribution structures), he is at the same time the conscience, the unifier, and the chronicler of American avant-garde cinema. He legitimized the film journal as a major category of avant-garde cinema and found an appropriate language for it (conceived based on collages, or visual cut-ups, but stripped of the symbolism still present in filmmakers of the time), able to bear witness to his adventure and that of his fellow travelers. Asynchrony, often repeated words, shaky or overexposed images: these technical imperfections are so many ways of writing to try to say what cannot be said. It is thus a poem that continues from film to film with Mekas.