" The science of drawing can be summed up to thus: it consists in the institution of relations between straight lines and curves, and a painting which contained only straight lines or curves would not express existence. “


Jean Metzinger is a rich and prolific artist, successively associated with Cubism, Neo-Impressionism, Fauvism, and Divisionism. Fascinated by contemporary art and the changes taking place in it, Metzinger painted from an early age, influenced by the Neo-Impressionists, who refused to mix colors. This interest in unconventional art movements is also what pushes Metzinger towards cubism: the new way of exploiting the perspective of Braque and Picasso seduces him. Metzinger's art is akin to analytical cubism in the fragmentation of objects and the desire to show several faces through the pivoting of the planes. His work, however, remains attached to figurative art.