" The artist looks for himself deep inside: he is pressed by emotions and feelings, with an intention to rid himself of his anguish and to feel liberated while doing his work. "


Arnaldo Pomodoro is a contemporary Italian sculptor known for his geometric bronze works. His sculptures often contain blades or stalagmite-like objects, as taken in the process of transformation into another object. The artistic language of Arnaldo Pomodoro developed from the 1950s, through the definition of sculpture according to different themes: sphere, column, cube, stele, papyrus. The unique style developed by Pomodoro is embodied in imposing bronze pieces, a material dear to the artist: the bronze is torn, lacerated, dynamited from the inside, like an explosion coming from the center of the sphere, symbol of an interior life but also showing a kind of fragility, unexpected wounds under the shell, as much as an architectural construction internal to the material.