"What I mean by 'place' is where you remember being - a place that is not only made up of space but also of time. It has to be both, that it has its qualities, be it architecture, sounds or events." 


A contemporary artist of Albanian origin, Anri Sala creates works combining image, sound, and architecture. The artistic trajectory of Anri Salare reflects, quite significantly, the new aesthetic propositions that circulate between the field of documentary forms and that of contemporary art. The artist continues to reformulate the founding elements, broadening a mode of presentation that contributes to blurring the lines (installations of images or sounds, large photographic formats). His video and single-strip installations show situations bordering on readability where, however, enough narrative clues are given for the viewer to grasp a historical or political context. Anri Sala often films deserted spaces in which animality supersedes human presence and thus evokes the philosophical theme of naked life.