Antonio SEGUÌ

" I solved my problems with my mother, with God, but with Cordoba, no! The city remained as it was in my memories, and I always come back to it in a dream…" 


An Argentine artist, each of Antonio Seguì's works carries with it images of the city, the night, and his native country. At the start of his career, influenced by artists such as George Grosz and Otto Dix, he practiced expressionist figuration from which irony emerges. Little by little, his representation evolves towards the absurd, building a sort of theater in which a man in motion frolic, seeking his place in the world. Structured by overlapping planes, crossed by colored and transparent areas, the work, like the collage, juxtaposes incoherent spaces, contradictory and simultaneous scenes, giving the image of a city where all 'set has disappeared. The comic book vocabulary, which at first seems playful, underlies a more serious reflection. Prank and humor supplanting existential anguish, Seguì tries to orchestrate in his way the hopes and follies of a human, ironic, deceptively naive, and disturbing comedy.