Barthélémy TOGUO

" My art is obsessed with life. "


The life of Barthélémy Toguo begins in Cameroon in 1967. A plural artist, he expresses himself through multiple techniques such as drawing, engraving, sculpture, installation, video, or performance. His destiny is drawn between two continents, Africa and Europe. Artist of the sensitive, it is through subtle poetry that he expresses himself around subjects such as death, sexuality, or suffering. His creation, strongly committed, develops in a language that is always very personal, around the themes of exploitation, looting, post-colonialism, or the identity crisis in the context of immigration. The tone, sometimes humorous, sometimes serious or violent, of his works, always aims to touch the viewer. Characteristic shapes punctuate his creation such as the hands or the head, capital of the mind and intellect, and symbol of identity.