" The imprint of the brush n ° 50 results and testifies to a pictorial making, it does not precede it. It is not a question of moving, but of painting: trying to paint, without qualms … And too bad for the fashions! "


Niele Toroni is a contemporary Swiss artist whose painting is a radical abstraction. A figure of pictorial minimalism, he is one of the members of the B.M.P.T. created in 1967 with Daniel Buren, Olivier Mosset, and Michel Parmentier. From 1966, Toroni delivered the method of his painting which consists in applying a flat brush, 50 mm wide, on a given surface, at regular intervals of 30 cm without ever deviating from this method. However, to say that Toroni's painting is always the same is to stick to the statement of the work, to refuse to consider it in its deployment. This is indeed the painter's requirement: to always say the same thing to show an always different pictorial event. In this sense, Toroni's gesture can only be radically opposed to an approach of the conceptual type, the goal of conceptual art being true to expose itself as a pure linguistic statement.