"A silhouette is a movement, not a form."


Returning from Impressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, French artist Raoul Dufy is an accomplished and cultured painter. Throughout his long career, Dufy practiced gouache and watercolour alongside oil painting; this makes it easier to find the vividness of colour and the ease of touching. In general, throughout his work, Dufy favours the fleetingness of the voluptuous moment. Dufy's art is distinguished by its coziness and the carefree attitude that emanates from it. His work, generally approached through the prism of a certain lightness, does not make him a simplistic artist because the lightness in Dufy is carefully worked, sought after, and even cultivated; it opens the way to a meditative art. As attractive and accessible as it is, as keen to represent the gaiety of spring, his painting is no less thoughtful and deeply intellectual. Heir to Fragonard, Dufy draws his influences from nature, not to imitate but to "bring out an image which is not that of the natural appearance of things, but which has the force of reality. "