Cindy Sherman

" Nothing has to make sense,. you can just mix things up because they just look good together. "


Cindy Sherman is one of the most important figures in contemporary art. Of American nationality, she works on the image and on her body. The artist installs photography without the realm of fiction by building around the photographic portrait of a woman who everyone knows is Cindy Sherman herself. While Sherman’s work is striking at first glance with its humor and extravagance, her art touches on the elusiveness of the ego and the omnipresence of illusion and death. Sherman seeks to identify with human identity, her ability to know herself, to invent parallel lives. However, the subject, the touchstone of her art, is both fictional and real; in other words, the subject is always "a sign of life" if we use the expression of Philippe Lejeune. Postmodern without a doubt, her work is the manifestation of a dark vision, of the hidden face of the cult of beauty and normality in our society, expressed with a critical eye focused on the ideal of the images in which advertising us daily.