Antoni CLAVÉ

"I often think of that famous Picasso phrase: 'I do not seek, I find...'. It applies to me. I go completely blind ... I’m not sure we ever know what we’re looking for. I, for one, have no idea."


The Spanish painter and sculptor Antoni Clavé knowingly developed his painting, even when this meant forgoing momentary success and never conforming to an existing artistic current. Like Picasso, whom he greatly admires, he is very inspired by bullfighting, but also by Catalan primitives. His peaceful scenes are tinged with a sadness that proves difficult to trace. In his work, Antoni Clavé develops a pictorial language close to lyrical abstraction, combining classical techniques and collages. His poetic œuvre addresses themes linked to Spanish culture (bullfighting, kings, landscapes) as well as the world of entertainment and art (harlequins, musicians, troubadours, painters).