Claude MONET

“ The motif is secondary, what I want to capture is what there is between the motif and myself.”


French artist Claude Monet is recognized as the father of Impressionism. His work is based on the direct observation of nature - painting on the motif - and the use of decomposed colors of the prism, using Newton's work in particular, while eliminating black and gray from his palette. Critical reception in his early days was quite violently unfavorable, but Monet persevered in his quest to paint the texture of light. Whether it is the painting Impression soleil levant (1872) which gave its name to Impressionism or the many paintings inspired by his Japanese garden in Giverny, Monet is today unanimously celebrated as one of the greatest painters of the history of art. Cézanne rightly said of him, "Monet is nothing but an eye, but what an eye. "